One out of three Android phones in India slow down or show the “storage is low” message in the notification bar because of those superbly annoying “Good Morning” messages that pop up on phones almost every single day. We are not saying this, although every WhatsApp user in India has experienced it. This is what a survey by data-storage firm Western Digital Corporation finds.

The report by Western Digital states that these messages are mostly sent by relatives and family groups — you will know in case you are a part of one, and the problem is, we can’t even ignore these messages. The problem is so acute that Google engineers, the same people who are behind the Android software, recently spent months trying to solve the problem of slow and hanging phones. The solution was incidentally a new app called Files Go.

But Files Go is one solution. What else we, the WhatsApp users can do? These “Good Morning” messages are often (mostly) sent with a lot of emotions attached, and hence it’s very difficult to avoid them. Based on a personal experience, I receive such good morning messages, not one, but quite a few by my father almost every single day. And, for the matter of fact, I obviously can’t ignore the messages. But then, it is also true, if I don’t ignore them, I will also face the similar storage issue that most Android phone users suffer from.

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Well, there are a few ways you can deal with such a situation without offending any of your relatives or friends. Here are some of them you can try out:

— The best way to deal with the Good Morning messages on WhatsApp is to simply not download the image or the media file you receive. We know that WhatsApp auto downloads the media files you receive – be it audio, video or even a picture, this, in turn, consumes maximum storage space of your phone. In this case, you can unselect the auto download option on WhatsApp. To do that, you can go to Settings > Data and storage usage > you will see three options under Media auto-download – When using mobile data, when connected on Wi-Fi and When roaming – put all three options to “No Media”. After this, you will be able to download only the files that you want and ignore the rest.

— There are people who want to download these good morning messages, but then they also have a storage issue. To deal with such instances, Google has recently introduced an app called Files Go app which is basically focused on helping users free up storage space on their devices. The Files Go app is available on Google Play store for download. What you can do here is that you can donwload all those Good Morning messages, but then once a week clean the phone by deleting all these messages in one go. The Files Go app allows that. Every week, just open the app, select the WhatsApp media folder and empty it.

— Ideally, you should turn off the “blue tick” option so that the sender doesn’t know whether or not you have read the messages. What this does is that it helps you avoid replying to a message. There are times (based on my personal experience itself) that your relatives expect you to reply to the Good morning messages they send.

— If you receive these good morning messages from unwanted contacts, say someone you had met long ago – at some party and shared your number with, well, blocking the person is the best way out. And if you don’t wish to be rude enough to anyone by blocking them, there’s another simple way, simply send a message saying – “don’t send such messages to me” or you can educate them on if they continue doing the same, they may face the storage issue as well.

— In case you are a part of a family group, the best way to ignore these unwanted messages is to mute the group, and unmute it whenever required. For example, you can mute the group for 8 hours in morning or late night. That can do the trick.

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