Los Angeles Animal Services officials rescued nearly 200 rabbits on Wednesday from the West Los Angeles home of an animal hoarder.

All of the rabbits were evaluated by LAAS Veterinary staff and the majority appear to be healthy.

The precious rabbits were distributed between local shelters and are now available at the East Valley, Harbor, North Central, West LA and West Valley Animal Shelters.

“If you’ve been thinking about adding a furry friend to your home, rabbits make wonderful indoor companions,” the department shared on its Facebook page, “and can be litter-trained, just like cats!”

LA Animal Services is also encouraging people to visit the shelters to speak to staff and volunteers about “the care and maintenance required to keep a bunny happy and healthy throughout its lifetime.”

It is imperative that potential adopters understand what adopting and caring for a rabbit entails before they decide to make the years-long commitment. This helps prevent the animals from being adopted on a whim, as part of a fad or because of the time of year it is such as Easter.

These rabbits, as with all rescued pets, deserve to be in the loving, responsible, and capable hands of a forever family.

The adults are available for adoption now while the bunnies will be spay/neutered and microchipped before going to their new homes.

A minimal adoption fee of $71.00 includes the vaccinations, spaying/neutering and microchipping.

Sadly, though, 50 of the un-weaned and underweight baby rabbits need to be placed with the department’s New Hope rescue partners only.

According to KABC News, investigators are currently working on the case, which has been called “an unfortunate overcrowding situation,” to determine if the owner of the rabbits will face charges.

Source: worldanimalnews.com

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