Astronomers decision it “the moon that shouldn’t be there.”

After many years of study, a team of planetary scientists exploitation NASA’s astrophysicist house Telescope has finally come back up with a proof for a mysterious moon around Neptune that they found with Hubble in 2013.


The tiny moon, named Hippocamp, is remarkably near a way larger Neptunian moon known as Proteus. Normally, a moon like Proteus ought to have gravitationally swept aside or enclosed the smaller moon whereas clearing out its orbital path.

So why will the small moon exist? Hippocamp is probably going a chipped-off piece of the larger moon that resulted from a collision with a estraterrestrial body billions of years past. The diminutive moon, solely twenty miles (about thirty four kilometers) across, is 1/1000th the mass of Proteus (which is 260 miles [about 418 kilometers] across).

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