The chemical composition of Myrtus communis L. extracts were prepared and analyzed by GC-MS. Sixteen phytochemical constituents of chemical compounds were identified in fruits of Myrtus communis. The relative percentage of linoleic acid methyl ester was high (27.19%), followed by oleic acid methyl ester (21.18%) and then octane 3,5- dimethyl (16.47%), dodecane (11.39%), palmitic acid methyl ester (6.80%) and tetradecane (6.69%) as well as, some components present in lower percentage such as stearic acid methyl ester (3.32%). GC-MS analysis revealed that 16 different chemical components were identified in the Myrtus communis, with high amount of linoleic acid (27.19%) helpful in revealing the pharmaceutical value of the plant. It also provides information about its trado-medical use. GC-MS analysis is important step towards understanding the nature of active ingredients in this medicinal plant and mentioned phytocompounds would be useful in the preparation of novel drugs for treating diseases.

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