The study aimed to investigate the adsorptive interactions of metal hexacyanoferrates (II) and ethanol and  acetone  extracts  of  natural  antifungals.  Nickel,  manganese  and  copper  hexacyanoferrates (II) were synthesized and characterized by elemental and spectral studies. Each metal hexacyanoferrate (II) was combined with two natural antifungals: coconut (Cocos nucifera)  and  ochro (Abelmoschusesculentus)  leaf  extract.  The  antifungal  potential  was  executed  by  the  disc  diffusion  method.  The acetone  and  ethanol  extract  of  A.  esculentus  at  10  mg/m L  paired  with  copper  and  nickel ferrocyanides,  respectively  were  found  to  possess  the  most  effective  antifungal potential.  Each interaction pair was further analyzed through infrared spectral studies and phytochemical analysis. The  interaction  of  natural  antifungals  Azadirachta  indica  (neem),  Ocimum  sanctum  (tulsi),  Cassia obtusifolia  (money  bush),  Cassia  alata  (canicro  bush)  and  Targetes  patula  (marigold)  with manganese, silver and titanium ferrocyanides and their medical applications were also evaluated.

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