Love to bubble the innovative creativity within oneself and increase the capacity of creativity capacity in human nature show the most striking difference between him and the other creations and will never be the end for this aim because man has always been following the attainment of immortality and is ahead of its era. The innovative creativity capacity of the mind is the most powerful incentives to form the processes that human could have been successful to represent it till today because human did a lot of searches and endeavors to access the eternity and being vanguard against the time over the time so as to find the solution to this cycle but he couldn’t be successful in this field. Lack of access to the innovative internal sources is because the man should at the first step be aware of philosophy, ignorance and life and critic them without the slightest consideration so that by attending self architect be aware of the value and the ability of the mind and by depending on own ingenuity move toward the creation of the new theoretical to outshine the time and lead up to the millennium of those won be and the powerful presence and immortality would be realized that its output would be entering into the ultramodern mind cycle. The innovation means creating and providing new vents of the theoretical with the content of vanguard against the time. The process of entering to this cycle is so that the student must have believed his ignorance to be able to pass through his mental illness and feels the thirst of knowledge. Now he finds that having the eyes for viewing the wisdom and finding the ingenuity should pass via for main cycle to attend the knowledge and innovation through the sight of his architect (creator). Failure to pass the mentioned process expresses the shuck document with empty reason ownership. Realizing the process of forming own diagram and innovative design in this article has been delivered to the reader as discover page.

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Mirtaleb Hosseini Kharvanagh
Department of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Research and Science Branch, Zanjan, Iran.

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