In this paper an adaptive threshold Techniques has been used which aimed to solve problem of oil spills in oceanic world. As we know oil spill is the biggest issue faced by marine species to overcome this problem an adaptive threshold method is applied for automatic monitoring and detection of oil spills in the ocean. This research is implemented using SAR RADARSAT-2 Narrow single beam data acquired in the Gulf of Mexico SAR image. The study demonstrates occurrence of oil spill in the ocean using image data obtained from the different satellite and detection of dark patches and bands in the images with low time complexity. In conclusion, adaptive threshold can be used as a tool for automatic detection of oil spill and SAR satellite image serves as an excellent sensor for oil spill detection and surveying.

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Dr. Mukta Jagdish
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Oil spill Disaster Management, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.

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