The hidden parameters problem in quantum mechanics is considered here on the base of grouptheoretic approach which includes the complete set of observables indispensably. The last ones are the bilinear Hermitian forms constructed from the Schroedinger equation solutions and its first derivatives, they satisfy the algebraic completeness condition and coincide with the well known Stokes parameters. These Hermitian forms, obtained for the simplest standard problem of particle transmission above potential step, had been compared with the Hermitian forms which are usually considered in this problem, and an additional ones, which may be obtained within the framework of an ordinary schemes of quantum mechanics. It is shown that the generally recognized schemes of the problem solution lead to violation of some conservation laws on the step directly. On the contrary, thegroup-theoreticapproachleadstofulfillmentofallnecessaryconservationlawseverywhereatthe same time. It is also shown that the complete set of observables leads a probabilistic interpretation in quantum mechanics to be excessive.

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Nicolay V. Lunin
Volga State University of Water Transport, Nizhny Novgorod, Nesterov str., 5, Russia.

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