Wavelet based Multifractal analysis techniques provides a sophisticated statistical characterization of many complex dynamical phenomena related with Sun and its environment. In this work multifractal property of the Sunspot number time series, has been analyzed during Solar Cycle 23 and ascending phase of Solar Cycle 24 using Wavelet transform and wavelet based multifractal approach. Present analysis has been performed using the software FRACLAB, developed at INRIA and available online at http://www-rocq.inria.fr. It was found that the singularities spectrum for sunspot time series was well Gaussian in shape suggesting the multifractal characteristics of time series. Thus we conclude that the multifractal based approach provides the local and adaptive description of dynamical processes related with Sun and its climate and can be applied effectively in the study of solar activity.

Author(s) Details

Dr. S. K. Kasde
Department of Physics, Government College Bhainsdehi, Dist.- Betul-460220, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Dr. D. K. Sondhiya
Department of Physics, SAGE University, Bhopal – 462022, India.

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