Infotainment, videos, audios, ideas, news aggregating sites etc. saturate the new mediascape. Today more choice, less diversity, more information, less knowledge and more gratification with less satisfaction rule the roost in media. Truly, mass media create big hullabaloo and saturate our mornings and evenings with its sights and sounds. This brings forth negative repercussions on audience behaviour. True ideals of journalism have been in shambles. Sensationalism and crass commercialization have become the order of the day. Augmented Reality with its underpinnings has revolutionized the media industry. The system has become a whole caboodle of conundrum with the arrival of social media. People on the other hand have become more and more dependent on all types of media. This dependency hinges on the division of labour and increasing role specialization. People’s affinity towards media is more during social upheavals and turns of fortune. But press as the Fourth Estate would help the nation builders to make India a modern, powerful, industrial state. Only then can India garner support and respect from the world community. It is high time India waged a war in the cultural realm of the country. A value-oriented media fraternity is the need of the hour rather than a market-oriented media culture. The whole media edifice has to be fortified by framing a concrete code of ethics for media practitioners. My paper unravels the ethical dilemma faced by media personnel and suggests an ideal modus operandi for journalists in a highly neo-liberalised culturescape.

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Simi Varghese
Department of Communication and Journalism, Prajyoti Niketan College, Pudukad, Thrissur, India.

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