A list of 66 species of thrips recorded from crops or plants in Peninsular Malaysia is presented. Most of the specimens came from a substantial survey of cultivated plants and one-third were from the genus Thrips. The specimens were collected by beating vegetation (that is, either the flowers or leaves) over a plastic tray, subjected to a standard dehydration and clearing process before being slide mounted. Slide mounted specimens were then identified using taxonomic keys. This study also recorded another twenty-one species of thrips besides the two former species from Malaysia: Frankliniella schultzei, a polyphagous tospovirus vector and Stenchaetothrips biformis, the rice thrips. The study reveals 66 species recorded as associated with cultivated plants in Malaysia; of these, 43 were found on more than one species of plant.

Author(s) Details

A. A. Azidah
Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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