This research is on the application of motivational techniques to improve sports performance and participation among adolescents: Implications to sports Administration in secondary schools in Nigeria. The researchers investigated sufficient use of motivational techniques as a tool, feedbacks, reinforcement and punishment, goal-setting as factors influencing the application of motivation on adolescents. In the research, ten schools from ten local governments out of 21 (twenty one) local government areas of Anambra State were used. The schools were purposively chosen to ensure that both Federal, state and mission owned schools were all represented in the sample. To guide the study’s data collection, four research questions were formulated and data were gathered using questionnaire patterned after that of Likert. A total number of 200 adolescents (students in the secondary schools) were used. The data collected were analyzed using frequency and mean (x) to determine level of agreement and disagreement to the research questions. The findings of this study revealed that it is through motivation that the human resources in the adolescents could be utilized and channeled to improved sports performance and participation in secondary schools in Nigeria. Recommendations were appropriately made.

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Alagbu Chukwubuikem Eugene
Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, Faculty of Education, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.

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