Due to modern era industrialization, the requirement of DC power is drastically increased. Enemy harmonics and bad power factor are the primary most concerns in power electronics. In mono-stage SMPS system, it is observed that percentage sharing of real power in apparent power is quite low and also observed that undesired harmonics are found enrich in source current. This project deals with two stage SMPS system in which forward converter is used as step down converter and modified boost converter is used to increase the real power share in apparent power of source as well as to reduce the higher frequency currents in source current. Isolated converters are preferred to get reduced ground bounce as well as to isolate from high voltage circuit. To get rid of kilo-hertz currents in load, it is preferred to make the terminal capacitor voltage ripple free with the use of closed loop control system. Boost converter is adjusted to get rid of high stresses over a switch which further reduces switching losses to noticeable percentage. The settling time of terminal voltage was adjusted to a fraction of second without affecting the output DC’s smoothness.

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Naspuri Arun Raju
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, GRIET, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

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