This paper discusses the causes and effects of illegal mining on Ghana’s water resources, and suggests possible ways of resolving the menace through integrated water resources management principles to ensure water sustainability and availability.  Extensive desktop study in relation to illegal mining and water resources were done.  The paper recognizes that water is mining’s most common casualty and that in terms of galamsey the impact is immeasurable, because of its uncontrollable and clandestine nature. It also acknowledges that water is a vital but vulnerable resource whose invaluability cannot be compromised in the face of galamsey. It also recognizes that the problem of galamsey cannot be resolved by one institution; rather it requires collaborative and participatory approach, involving all stake holders in these sectors. Effort made must be backed by political will and commitment. Legalizing galamsey and setting-up of the right institutions such as galamsey board/authority at the district levels to regulate galamsey activities under the supervision of WRC, EPA and Ghana chamber of mines will be very useful. Finally, education on environmental and social cost on trading natural resources will go a long way to curb the menace.

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Dr. Ebenezer Boakye
Department of Civil Engineering, Takoradi Technical University, Ghana.

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