The wireless technology demand is growing exponentially for higher data rate more than 1Gbit/s. The capacity of wireless networks must grow continuously in order to satisfy the demand of traffic from users and applications. Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) have been standardized by 3GPP to target data rate of 100Mbits/s in the downlink and 50Mbits/s in the uplink. In LTE, the concept of self-optimization includes optimization of coverage, capacity, handover and interference. During Handover, in the dense deployment of femtocells, the issues of cell selection and reselection need to optimize. The mobile broadband networks support multiple applications like voice, data, video and email, single IP-based infrastructure. These applications have unique traffic challenging and Quality of Service requirements. In the LTE network the bandwidth is distributed among all the users and active applications using rate requirement of user equipment (UE). To increase user satisfaction in terms of rate of applications, the bandwidth allocation among applications needs to be optimized by dynamic scheduling. The objectives which we focused are Handover optimization and bandwidth optimization in the LTE integrated with femtocell networks. Aiming to our objective we proposed Dynamic Cell Selection (DCS) mechanism for handover optimization and Efficient Bandwidth Distribution (EBD) mechanism for allocating dynamic bandwidth to applications. We can perform the simulation of DCS and EBD mechanism in the NS-3 or similar simulation software to evaluate the performance of these algorithms. The real time experimentation of these mechanisms using Software Defined Radio is also possible. For real time set-up, possible supported technical tools are Xilinx(R) Zynq-Based Radio Support Package, Analog Devices AD9361 and LTE System Toolbox of MATLAB.

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Anita B. Jadhav
Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT), Nerul and Usha Mittal Institute of Technology (UMIT), SNDT Women’s University (SNDTWU), Mumbai, India

Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology (SPIT), Andheri, Mumbai, India

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