This research was based on efficiency of plot size millet thresher over traditional method of threshing Kutki millet. Kutki millet (little millet) is one of the most important small millet crop grown in rainfed area of Madhya Pradesh India. Traditionally in tribal and hilly area, threshing of Kutki millet crops is done by beating sticks and tractor bare operation which is more time consuming, energy intensive, labour intensive and uneconomical. The plot size millet thresher can reduce the drudgery of farmers, labours improve the quality of product, with existing socio economic condition of millet growing tribal farmers. Thus, the plot size millet thresher was found best with 99.6% threshing efficiency, 98.9% cleaning efficiency, 20.2 kg/h output capacity, 0.45% un-threshed grain percentage and 0% broken grain.

Author(s) Details

Er. Shalini Chaturvedi
Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, College Pradesh, 482004, India.

Dr. Atul kumar Shrivastava 

Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, College of Agricultural Engineering, JNKVV, Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, 482004, India

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