The serviceable necessities of shielding textiles are very important need of current environmental issues and based on the requirements the use of natural plants with various healing properties for wound care infections. The special factor of perfect comfort also has become the necessary for protective care textiles. The Tridax procumbens is one of the incredibly important natural plant available in the all areas with hygienic properties. The Tridax procumbens herb leaves were collected and extracted and it was coated on bamboo fabric. The extract coated samples was tested under phytochemical analysis and exhibited the incidence of phytochemicals. The anti-microbial activity of 6% and 12% conc tridax plant ethanolic extract coated samples were tested namely AATCC 147 and AATCC 100 tests against both gram positive and gram negative bacterial pathogens.The test result shows that the tridax plant 12% coated sample proved greater antibacterial activity than 6% coated sample. Based on the results, the coated extract can be applied to any textile material for wound care applications.

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Dr. V. Krishnaveni,
Department of Fashion Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore – 641049, Tamil Nadu, India.

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