The prevalence of human cysticercosis (HCC) in sub-Saharan Africa ranges from 0.3% to 72%. These prevalence estimates are highly dependent on the community and population involved in the study and the diagnostic test used. The disease is an important cause of acquired epilepsy that it contributes to about 29% of all epileptic cases worldwide. It is therefore imperative that the status and epidemiology of HCC is monitored. However, HCC is a neglected disease that it has acquired little attention worldwide. There is no single ideal system in place for diagnosis and hence, the surveillance of the disease in both developed and developing countries. This chapter reports the epidemiological status and the diagnostic challenges of the disease in the sub-Saharan Africa region. The chapter further proposes how surveillance of the disease can be carried out.

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Beda J. Mwang’onde
Department of Biosciences, Sokoine University of Agriculture, P.O.Box 3038, Morogoro, Tanzania.

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