The systemic approach in management does not oppose holism to reductionism nor a global approach to a local approach but rather tries to reconcile analytical images to integrative images, showing that the whole is reflected in each of its parts and each part is a small-scale projection of the whole. The systemic approach does not give up the logical and analytical tools which investigate reality by dissecting, fragmenting and decomposing it into its constituents, but it recovers them to obtain morphological, synthetic, dynamic and lively development of this reality. The principle of system approach uses deduction and induction, analysis and synthesis, to discover internal interrelationships and connections that drive complex organized assemblies. The true values of this approach are found not in simplistic schemes such as “input-output” or in “circular” models that economics and management textbooks are full of and which, ultimately, establish a different kind of formalism. We are interested in the formulation and implementation of the descriptive management, i.e. what managers decide to do, the alternatives of action and final stage of implementation and the feedback absolutely necessary.

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 Alexandru Trifu
University “Petre Andrei” of Iasi, Romania.

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