We studied the homeostatic equilibrium of the healthy organism. The homeostasis is controlled by oppositely effective physiologic feedback signal-pairs in various time-scales. We show that the entropy of every signal in this state is identical and constant: SE=1.8. The controlling physiological signals fluctuate around their average values. The fluctuation is time-fractal, (pink-noise), which characterizes the homeostasis. The aging is the degradation of the competing pairs of signals, decreasing the complexity of the organism. This way, the color of the noise gradually changes to brown. A special scaling process occurs during the aging: the exponent of the frequency dependence of the power density function grows in this process from 1 to 2, but the homeostasis of the system is unchanged.

Author (s) Details

Yu-Cheng Lin
Graduate Institute of Electronic Engineering, Ming Chung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Yi-Chi Chen
R&D Department, Ampire Co. Ltd., New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Liang-Yu Chen
Graduate Institute of Biological Technology, Ming Chung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

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