Drug abuse among secondary school students in Kenyan schools has been on the increase and identified as one of the major causes of indiscipline and unrest in schools. The marked increase in consumption of both illegal and legal drugs in our schools is continually highlighted in the local press media. The Ministry of Education and National Campaign against Drugs Abuse (NACADA) have shown great concern about this menace. This book chapter describe a research study that sought to determine the influence of counselling on management of students’ drug abuse with special reference to Bahati Division in Nakuru District, Kenya. The study adopted an ex-post facto research design. It targeted all the 47 secondary schools with a student population of 7767 students and 472 teachers in the area. A random sample of 120 students, ten teacher counsellors and ten head teachers were selected from the ten schools. Data was collected through administration of questionnaires with the selected respondents. The collected data was then processed and analysed using descriptive statistics with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 11.5 for windows. The study established the following findings. Cheap and easily available drugs were the most commonly used types of drugs and were also considered as legal and generally accepted in the society. Proper implementation and utilization of counselling services had a positive effect in the management of drug abuse among secondary school students. Counselling services did reduce the level of drug taking in schools. The study recommended that there is a need of emphasizing more on counselling as an effective mechanism of managing drug abuse among secondary school students and that counselling should target the most vulnerable group of students in order to minimize the vice in schools.

Author(s) Details

Isaac Wanjohi King’ori
Department of Psychology, Laikipia University, Nyahururu, Kenya.

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