There are many interactive forces between atoms applied to solve the problem of nature of molecules. One would go on applying this to several diseases and sufferings. On doing so, we have discovered that a new dimension of atomic arrangements playing a role in existence of force of interaction at nano level say at 1.6 nm. Arrangements are in such way that it maintains a carbon fraction of 0.3144 in the structure of biologically important molecule called protein. Arrangements are important from maintaining structure and another way of interaction due to the deficiency of this domain formation. All our analysis conclude that there is new kind of force of attraction available for advancing the science here in biology and other field as well as other elements possess this nano level forces of attraction. Our results are validated with crystal availability because of force existence. Otherwise other may have to be studied accordingly. Bond of all atoms involved in domain formation are altered from original value of bond formation but increased or decreased according to the type of bonds. Alteration can be a measure of this newly identified nano level force of interaction. Our analysis can be extended to other problems in our science of untold answer.

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Rajasekaran Ekambaram
Department of Chemistry, V.S.B. Engineering College, Karur – 639111, Tamil Nadu, India.

Indupriya Rajasekaran
Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, Kazan Federal University, Kazan – 420012, Tatarstan, Russia.

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