Background: The most common oral diseases – tooth decay (dental caries) and gum disease (periodontal disease) show various clinical symptoms and seriousness among individuals. The oral cavity have moist environment that may reduces its potency and effectiveness and the application of the nano particles in the Nano-Bio Fusion (NBF) gel are found efficient in reducing the problem. The purpose of the study aimed to evaluate clinically the effectiveness of locally delivered NBF technology gel as an adjunctive therapy to scaling and root planning (SRP) in the treatment of periodontal disease.  Materials and Methods: Ten chronic periodontitis patients with 120 sites and probing pocket depth (PD) between 5 and 7 mm were selected in a randomized controlled clinical trial. SRP was performed in both control and test group followed by NBF gel application in 60 sites. The plaque index, gingival index, papillary bleeding index, probing PD, and clinical attachment level (CAL) were recorded at baseline, 6 weeks, and 3 months. Supragingival microbial plaque analysis was done at baseline and 6 weeks interval. The statistical analysis with paired t‑test was used to compare the test and control sites.  Results: From baseline to a period of 3 months, a statistically significant difference was seen between both groups for PD, CAL, P value being PD (P = 0.001) and CAL (P = 0.01) along with the significant reduction of colony forming units of aerobic periodontal pathogens. Conclusions: Locally delivered NBF gel exhibited a significant improvement compared with SRP alone in periodontal diseases. Clinical Significance: Nano Bio Fusion gel contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Propolis. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has natural contains that promotes the healing, reduces the gingival inflammation, reduces the colony forming periodontal pathogens and significant reduces the periodontal pocket.

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Dr. Abhishek Gautam,
Department of Dentistry, Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College and Hospital, Gaya, Bihar, India.

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