The oxidation time and oxidation temperature of a total of 20 specimens with unknown pre-history
from various manufacturers of polyethylene and poly(ethylene-co-propylene) are determined. The
specimens are in the form of fittings used in piping. The specimens are divided into two groups
corresponding to their melting temperature and polyethylene content in the copolymer, respectively.
The oxidation activation energy for the two groups is calculated. Reasonable relationship between the
measured oxidation time and the time, calculated on the base of the measured oxidative temperature,
is obtained. The scattering of experimental data is thoroughly examined and some recommendations
aiming at improving the results are suggested. Specific recommendations are given for the cases of
technological and post consummative piping waste. The paper critically estimates the accuracy in the
measured oxidation time and temperature as well as their mutual relation.

Author(s) Details
A. A. Apostolov
Laboratory on Structure and Properties of Polymers, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria.

S. Djoumaliisky
Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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