Probiotics are widely being reported to alleviate lactose intolerance, suppress diarrhea, reduce
irritable bowel symptoms, prevent irritable bowel syndrome and exhibit anticolorectal cancer activities.
Recently clinical studies have reported that probiotics may exert other health promoting effects
beyond gut well-being like lowering blood cholesterol levels, exert antihypertensive effects, treat
urogenital effects, reduce allergic reactions, prevent dental caries, reduce risk of cancers,
immunomodulatory effects and in addition exert dermal effectslike improving atopic eczema, atopic
dermatitis, healing burns and scars, skin –rejuvenating properties along with improving skin ‘s innate
immunity. This review focus on various causesof dermal infections caused by (Trichophyton,
and Epidermophyton), their signs, clinical features, current therapy (synthetic ant ifungal, Probiotic therapy) and the existing herbal therapy for these fungal infections. However, the use
of probiotics needs more standardization and validation thus providing an Insite to newer therapeutic
targets for dermatophyte infection.

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Dr. Neha Mathur
Amity Institute of Pharmacy, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow-226028, U.P, India.

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