Political leaders play an important role in facilitating peace and tranquility. Their vitality is appreciated
due to the fact that they have followers- people who believe in what they say and act accordingly. This
chapter is cemented on the speech of the considered one of the gurus of development management
in the world, when he made his presentation before the political party leaders in Ruvuma region in
Tanzania. While the amplification of the speech is based on Tanzania, we consider that the speech is
relevant to the nationals of the world. The chapter is a review in nature and has articulated
experiential and factualism of the current world in setting the literature review, methodology,
discussion and conclusion. The speech called upon leaders to realize that the emergent of political
parties does not mean to jeopardize humanity. Political parties are planes, buses, trains, motorcycle,
bicycle and footers for the sake of moving the direction one would want to go, yet those who move are
more important than the vessels they use. Development is what one ought to vision in whatever is
done. Hence, synergizing thinking is a must for attaining development under the surface of peace and
tranquility. The chapter concludes that peace is inevitable without political leaders playing a vital role
of harnessing what they believe with others’ beliefs. In addition, political leaders must appreciate that
losing and wining an election is the major outcomes of democratic elections.

Author(s) Details

Norman A. S. King
Teofilo Kisanji University and Genesis University College, Tanzania.

Montanus C. Milanzi
Mzumbe University, Tanzania.

Lucy Massoi
Mzumbe University, Tanzania.

Newton Kyando
Open University, Tanzania.

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