This research proposed at understanding why nominees and proctors cheat during national examinations. To accomplish our target, we interrogated all the 35 cheaters and the 12 available proctors. Our results revealed that the examinees the one have failed two times already are more inclined cheat than the others, for the fear to fail repeated (54.2% of all cheaters). As for 94.1% of them, they cheat cause the baccalaureate symbolises social profit for them, when in fact others cheat in consideration of put all the chances on their side (78,9). Finally, some of bureaucracy cheat with the have in mind succeed and avoid the reprisals following disappointment (21.1%). All these results that are interrelated.Concerning the proctors, they say no their normal duty to protect candidates so that prevent bureaucracy from cheating, to suddenly enhance candidates’ guardians against official exam supervisors for services. Indeed, most public secondary school instructors refuse to partake in the free test proctoring. Consequently, most of those who eagerly recognize to work for free are mainly secretaries, bookkeepers, primary school teachers, clerks, etc. generally private school stick with horrible financial conditions. Being sidelined to partake in the ranking of exam copies that would be their reward, the private stick accept competitors’ financial offers and close their eyes on the examinees’ lying. Such a behaviour serves none of the actors. Therefore, the administration who has all capacity shall bring back public-school lecturers or invest in computerized proctoring using artificial intelligence.

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Ettien Assoa,
IREEP (Institute for Research, Experimentation and Education in Pedagogy) UFR SHS Université Félix Houphouët Boigny, Côte D’Ivoire.

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Keywords: Proctors, cheating, baccalaureate, examination candidates

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