The postglenoid opening in a solid object is an emissary small aperture in skin found in the momentary bone. This foramen is precious in the human skull. This unit aims to determine the appearance of post-glenoid foramen cruel skulls.The study used 100 adult dry human skulls with 200 material bones on each side (right and abandoned) from the Department of Anatomy at RVS Dental College and Hospital in Coimbatore, India. Two investigators visually labeled the significant opening in a solid object in the selected skulls by locating them on a flat table. To determine the patency of the opening in a solid object, a probing means was used. Out of 100 skulls (200 momentary bones), singular skull showed a concerned with one side post-glenoid foramen on the mandibular fossa of the abandoned side temporal cartilage (2% of 200). The foramen was raise backwards from the glenoid fossa of the worldly bone. It lies anterior to the outside acoustic meatus in foul line of fusion of the squamous and tympanic few temporal cartilage.The rare incident of the emissary foramen grant permission cause serious healing condition. As a result, the current study highlights individual of the rare deputy foramen, the post-glenoid foramen. The surgeons can benefit from this anatomical test of the post-glenoid foramen while operating on temporomandibular joint and central ear malformations so that reduce the risk of unforeseen bleeding during enucleation.

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G. Priya,
Department of Anatomy, RVS Dental College and Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

R. Yasodai,
Department of Anatomy, Bharath University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Keywords: Post-glenoid foramen, Petrosquamous sinus, temporal bone, Glenoid fossa

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