In this study, we delimit coupled fixed point for a plan in complex valued Gb rhythmical space, prove any coupled fixed point theorems in this place space, and present an illustration to illustrate our main axiom. Fixed point theory has great significance in science and mathematics. Since this region has been grown very fast over the past two decades due to immense applications in various fields in the way that nonlinear analysis, the earth’s features and engineering problems, it has engaged considerable attention from analysts. In this paper, we proved a connected fixed point theorem in complex treasured Gb-metric space that genealized the result of Kumar and Vashistha [1] and many others.

Author(s) Details:

Jitender Kumar,
Department of Mathematics, Govt. College for Girls, Palval (Kurukshetra), Haryana, India.

Sachin Vashistha,
Department of Mathematics, Hindu College (University of Delhi), Delhi-110007, India.

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Keywords: Complex Valued Gb- Metric Spaces, coupled fixed point theorem, contractive type mapping

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