This paper presents a smart water passage monitoring arrangement to control the water leakages happening in it. In day by day existence, usage of water is growing accompanying proportional to increase in use without thought of water. So, to overcome from this, a smart monitoring arrangement by way of Internet of Things (IoT) is designed and projected. In this system, to monitor the flow of water, the water flow sensor is secondhand in the passage and also to measure the adulteration of water a turbidity sensor has been secondhand. Flow sensor everything on the principle of a corridor effect. Nodemcu microcontroller, is one of ultimate coarse microcontrollers used for IoT purposes has existed used in this place system. Main purpose concerning this microcontroller secondhand is because of allure interrupt pins. The principles calculated by the water flow sensor and turbidity sensor are uploaded to the cloud attendant. For storing the dossier in the cloud, the ThingSpeak cloud attendant has been secondhand for this system, cause ThingSpeak cloud attendant is open and free to use. With the values calculated by the water flow sensor the dossier is presented in the ThingSpeak cloud webserver. The system has a water flow sensor, a microcontroller to interpret the dossier for evaluating the outflow content and to store the dossier in the cloud. So, monitoring of the water flow in the passage will be done very surely.

Author(s) Details:

D. Mahesh Kumar,
PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore–641014, India.

T. Jagadeep,
Applied Electronics, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore–641014, India.

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Keywords: Water flow sensor, IoT, smart monitoring system, cloud server


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