This study bear result that use of gonadotropins is less and the time of ovulation inference is less so less cost effect benefit. ART (IVF/ ICSI) is a multistep process including ovarian provocation, ovulation initiation, accumulation of oocytes, procreation with semen, and transfer of the fertilized oocytes to the uterus for impregnation of the ovum and development.With the coming of many ovarian provocation protocols, the gestation consequence has considerably upgraded. Pituitary downregulation gives better results in agreements of oocyte portion and quality, that results in more embryos and more embryos being stopped for later transfer to the patient’s uterus.From composition we establish that gestation consequence in minimal provocation pact gives nearly the alike result, exceptionally in state-of-the-art patients age accompanying less aftereffect. In our study on 1652 cases the one accepted for ICSI and begun their ovarian stimulation by HMG or FSH outside pituitary unhappy managing agreement. This contract gives the gestation outcome same in the different pacts accompanying less aftereffects and depressed coast. The recent incident of GnRH antagonists has presented an alternative approach in IVF situation accompanying no meaningful difference in gestation effect. The use of foe contract expected more reliable in PCO patients.

Author(s) Details:

Elmahaishi Asma,
Lamis IVF Center, Misurata, Libya.

Zawawa Alia,
Lamis IVF Center, Misurata, Libya.

M. S. Elmahaishi,
Lamis IVF Center, Misurata, Libya.

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Keywords: Ovarian stimulation, pituitary, fertilization, IVF, ICSI