The current study aims to decide the socio-mathematical traits of SAS Nagar department teenager sex crime cases all the while the last five age. The research was completed activity on 114 cases of toddler sex crime recorded under the POCSO Act, 2012. The ending preferred was from 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2017, situated in the Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar sector, Punjab, India.There were ultimate offspring sex crime cases in 2017, accompanying 34, attended by 33 in 2015. The cases of female intercourse assaults (92.98%) outnumbered male intercourse assaults (2.76%). The accused’s building (22.80%) was the commonplace of displeasure, understood for one martyr’s home (20.17%). The inquiry found that ultimate sensitive group of same status was 11-15 age (46.49%). 51.75% of the asserted sex crime sufferers were scholars, understood by 33.33% of school dropouts. 57.89% of sufferers were Hindus chased by Sikhs (28.07%) and Muslims (10.52%). There were 111 widowed fatalities (97.36%), and three wedded sufferers (2.63). Sexual offences were often dedicated by dignitary popular to the casualty (89.48%). The adulthood of instances (35.08%) were written on the second era of incident.The society’s capability for fear that this horrifying breach depends on the incident of moral principles and morality with those the one are in the middle stage of enlightening depreciation, in addition to the arrangement of programs for fear that minor sex crime. This is main cause the largest warning to minors comes not from guests but from popular and close things.

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. Natasha,
University Institute of Applied Health Sciences, Chandigarh University, Mohali-140413, India.

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Keywords: Child sexual abuse, minor abuse, child crime, child abuse, abuse