There are perplexing stream lake frameworks in the Taihu Lake catchment with absolute water surface area of 6174.7 km2, and populace thickness of 1079/km2, including Taihu Lake water surface area of 2338 km2. The water frameworks in this catchment have solid water environments during long history. Nonetheless, the waters have been contaminated with different levels. We ought to change the poisons by Physic Natural Designing (PEEN) into chiefly bio-assets for use and structure solid water agribusiness (HWA) and Bio-Ecological Venture (Honey bee) from neighborhood water sections bit by bit to entire catchment. For instance, we performed designing in an “intense harmfulness for higher creatures” and over guidelines for the majority weighty metal components section, where there were no any residing plants and large scale living beings in the water body and in silt. The goal is how might we remediate this thoughtful stream let fragments in an as little as conceivable space/time scale into sound water biological system with clear water and proliferate plants and higher creatures yield? The fundamental procedure and strategies are: 1) delicate wall strategy for controlling mass trade between waters with various quality; 2) drifting/suspending eco-island method by utilizing which could mosaic culture at any point any plant which can be refined in water; 3) immobilized nitrogen cycle microbes (INCB) strategy; 4) electronic heartbeat procedure and photosensitization method for wearing esters and other enormous particle natural synthetics; 5) fog shower office strategy for working on disintegrated oxygen in profound water layers; 6) procedure for buffering and stifling H2S discharge from water; 7) the drifting islands might associate on net framework with around 1/3 piece of surface with refined plant to the complete water surface region, where could reasonable reestablish lowered plants. These advancements may be use for sanitizing different waters into crude water standard of drinking water.

Author(s) Details:

Peimin Pu,
Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing, China.

Jiangping Pu,
PLA University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China.

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Keywords: Restoration of healthy aquaecosystem, toxic water body, electronic pulse technique for decomposition esters, photosensitization for decomposition of organic matters, floating eco-islands, immobilized nitrogen cycle bacteria

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