Agronomics is the forceful pillar of Indian frugality and it deserves to be remodelled. To overcome backwardness of usual methods of farming and to enhance the crop production, to prevent the risk of damaging crops, and commotion efficient use of water possessions, the latest science of Internet of things (IoT) is playing a critical role existing. So, this paper is proposed place the soil sensor is used to collect large number of legitimate-time dossier from the agricultural fields. Through Internet connectedness the sensors are deployed to interact accompanying each other. The dossier collected from the sensors shipped to the Web server utilizing wireless sensor network. The foundation analyzes and processes the taken data. Notifications are then shipped to periodically, through the rancher’s smart phone app, the producer can track changes in soil liquid. This project builds on the previous process with new key countenance including souped up water, good management and clear facts cultural awareness link. In addition, regulate the temperature, dampness and soil moisture of distinguished crops management of all these activities will be listened by a PC with WWW connection and project will be carried out via connect sensors and Arduino.

Author(s) Details:

Alka Sawlikar,
RCERT, Chandrapur, India.

Suraj Sao,
RCERT, Chandrapur, India.

Sneha Angadalwar,
RCERT, Chandrapur, India.

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Keywords: Smart irrigation, Internet of Things (IoT), arduino, WSN, GSM, humidity sensor, solar panel

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