Because of its socioeconomic significance to the many and varied based fishermen, fish processors, and fish traders, the study was conducted in 2018 on the Chrysichthys auratus in the Volta Lake. Because of their abundance, they have been added to the 2010 Red List of Endangered Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN). The goal was to figure out a reproductive strategy that would allow for more sustainable fish stock management. In order to determine sexual maturity, sex ratio, gonadosomatic index GSI, hepasomatic index HSI, condition factor k, visceral fat index VFI, and monthly stomach fullness in relation to sexual maturity, 452 fish samples were measured, weighed, and dissected on a monthly basis. According to the length at first maturity calculated, 89 percent of female fish caught fell short of that crucial length, implying growth overfishing due to bamboo pipe fishing’s size and sex selective tendencies. The connection of the GSI to the HSI and the VFI was inverse and insignificant during gonad development, but it shifted to a positive and insignificant relationship after gonad development. The date of the turn, September, was associated with spawning and the start of the spawning season. Early in post gonad formation, concurrent with spawning, the point of turn from an opposite and important association to a positive and insignificant relationship, is indicative of the main spawning cycle and must be monitored for sustainable management of the fishery by resource managers and researchers. The reproductive strategy was determined to be timing the spawning phase in September to correspond with the upwelling phenomenon (June – September), which is correlated with abundant fish food, thus increasing the offspring’s survival. A seasonal fishing ban was proposed, as well as a complete ban on bamboo pipe fishing.

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Lawrence Issah Braimah
Former Coordinator, West Africa Regional Fisheries Program, Liberia, P.O.Box AS 806, Ashaiman, Ghana.

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