In this work, resolves of existing devices for weighing the current-voltage characteristic were completed activity in order to compare various devices. The purpose concerning this work is to develop a design for measuring the current-voltage traits of photovoltaic modules and the environmental determinants affecting them. The paper argues a system for listening solar module limits that measure air temperature, piece temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, current-heat characteristic, maximum power point (MPP), efficiency, and fill determinant (FF) and stores the data in a calculating. The system is constructed around a programmable microcontroller accompanying an analog-to-mathematical converter built in. The submitted system’s program code too includes an invention for determining the maximum power point of the cosmic module. Because each parameter are taken into report automatically and written to the calculating in the form of tables, the system acts all measurements in real time and is plain to use. In order to compare the submitted monitoring system accompanying alternative commercial weighing equipment, the research looked at their characteristics. The proposal includes a track diagram for a listening system as well as an energetic circuit to measure current-energized matter characteristics.

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Davronov Shokhjakhon,
Department of Software Engineering, Karshi Branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies Named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, Karshi, Uzbekistan.

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Keywords: Maximum power point, algorithm, software, I-V characteristic, fill factor, efficiency, monitoring, ADC, PV panel, solar energy, measurement, solar radiation

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