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Science News Online engineering Numerical Study on 3-D Laser Forming by Discrete Section Circle Line Heating

Numerical Study on 3-D Laser Forming by Discrete Section Circle Line Heating

The bending process induced by thermal stress formed in the sheet by laser irradiation is known as laser forming of sheet metal. The effect of different irradiation paths must be studied when laser forming complex shapes. A sequentially coupled thermo-mechanical elasto-plastic simulation using the finite element method is used to investigate the deformation of a circular plate subjected to a circular irradiation path in this paper. The quality of laser bending is stated in detail in terms of waviness parameters, such as waviness average, Ra, RMS value, Rq, and so on, with respect to the number of sections and heating passes, as well as the shifting of the irradiation starting point. It has been discovered that discrete section heating in symmetry combined with a change in the irradiation’s starting point in subsequent passes decreases the undesirable waviness induced by continuous circular heating. The results of the finite element simulations discussed in this chapter primarily demonstrated the possibility of obtaining a better understanding of the mechanisms in 3D-laser formation.

Author (s) Details

Dr. K. Venkadeshwaran
School of Mechanical Engineering, FET, JAIN, Bengaluru, India.

Prof. D. Misra
School of Laser Science and Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata – 700 032, India.

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