Anti-defacement coatings were synthesized from polyurethane with variable concentration of silicon changed polyacrylate with an – OH functional group. Various tests for judging the graffiti fighting of the coating included the calculations of contact angle of water drop on the sprayed covering, and visual evaluation of stain elimination and measurements of colour change. It was proved that the best performance was reached by 5 wt. % of Silicone polyacrylate in pristine PU that demonstrated 95% stain removal. Despite bearing low machinelike properties of these coatings, they demonstrated unusual graffiti fighting. In order to improve the mechanical features of the coatings, nano-particle addition was considered. For improving machinelike properties, to a degree surface hardness, elastic modulus, and scratch fighting, nano-silica particles were additional. It was assured to have a coating accompanying even distribution of nano-silica pieces. A 5 wt% nano-silica particles were found to conceive such covering with composition PU-5 wt% lubricator polyacrylate. Measurements of colour changes revealed that the addition of nanosilica particles had no impact on the material’s fighting to graffiti.

Author(s) Details:

Anand S. Khanna,
Chairman, SSPC India, India.

Priyanka Adapala,
The Ohio State University, USA.

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Keywords: Silicone modified polyacrylate

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