In this stage, the task of providing a desired condensation ratio (CR) is thought-out for the lossy compression of color countenances by better portable drawings (BPG) encoder. This encoder is characterized by many benefits distinguished to other new encoders according to rate-falsification performance and different important conveniences. However, the produced CR for a likely value of a limit that controls compression (PCC) for the considered encoder changes in very wide limits contingent upon image content and the layout the original image is bestowed. In practice, it can be requested to provide a wanted CR for color images condensed by BPG. We show that this can be approved using a currently proposed moving feet and body to music method established average rate-distortion curves and PCC cleansing at the second step. The applicability of two together-step approach to providing a desired CR is resolved and proven for the layouts 4:2:0, 4:2:2, and 4:4:4. It is demonstrated that, on account of the second step, the accuracy of providing a asked CR radically boosts. The variance of the leftover errors of the given CR is decreased tens of occasions. It is also proved that accuracy depends on a requested CR and the variance of leftover errors is larger for the best desired CR. Some other possessions of the residual mistakes are studied. Two sets of test color representations are exploited in our studies. The first set is used to acquire the average dependence of CR on PCC and catch an idea of the veracity of the proposed means. The second set is employed to validate the method’s accomplishment. It is shown that the results for two together sets are in good agreement.

Author(s) Details:

Vladimir Lukin,
National Aerospace University, Kharkov, Ukraine.

Fangfang Li,
Nanchang Hangkong University, Nanchang, China.

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Keywords: Color images, lossy compression, better portable graphics encoder, accuracy improvement, compression ratio

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