Study on Enhancement of Microwave Absorption Properties on Modified Kapton Film by Ion Implantation Process

The goal of this study is to use ions like iron (Fe) or Gadolinium (Gd) to change Kapton-polyimide films and evaluate the relationship between phase existence, magnetic characteristics, and microwave absorption. Ion implantation of Fe and Gd ions at a

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Effect of Cow Dung on Compressive Strength, Density, Abrasion Resistance and Permeability Properties of Earth Brick

The effect of cow dung on the mechanical and durability aspects of earth brick is discussed in this study. Cow faeces chemically stabilised a local earth. When 20% cow dung (by weight of soil) was utilised to stabilise the earth

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An Advanced Study on Optimization and Characterization of Nano Aluminum Trihydrate-Based Flame-Retardant Materials in the Rotating Packed Bed Reactor

In a rotating packed-bed (RPB) reactor, nano aluminium trihydate (ATH) particles were prepared using a CO2/NaAlO2/H2O absorption-reaction system (Phase I). An orthogonal array, L9, was created using the Taguchi experimental design (34). The rotational speed (A), gas-liquid flow rate ratio

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