Estimation of the Wild Boar Population in Southern Italian Apennines by Pellet Count Group Technic: A Preliminary Study

Today, the evolution of wild ungulates is one of the most significant developments in Italian wildlife over the previous few decades. Damage caused by wild boars has increased substantially in recent decades, amounting to hundreds of thousands of Euros annually

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Assessment of Abundance, Diversity and Distribution of Freshwater Fishes of Tropical Rainforest Rivers, Southeast Nigeria

From January to December 2013, three stations along the Oramiri-Ukwa River were studied to determine the fish variety and distribution. The examination uncovered the presence of 25 fish species from 16 different families. Local fishermen assisted in collecting fish samples

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Distribution of Proteoforms Numbers in a Human Cell according to Their Abundance is Following Zipf’s Law

The complex functional mechanisms of the cellular proteome are provided by the collaboration of thousands of protein components, protein species/proteoforms. Although recent methods do not yet enable us to obtain a complete picture of this collaboration, they do allow us

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