Does Artisanal Tin Mining Affect Academic Performance of Secondary School Students?: A Case Study from Barakin Ladi Community in Plateau State, Nigeria

 The study compared the academic achievement of secondary school kids in the mining settlement of Barakin-Ladi versus Mangu, a non-mining community in Plateau State, Nigeria. The study's major purpose was to investigate the variations in students' performance in secondary school

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Investigating Students’ Academic Performance as Mediated by Students’ Academic Ambition and Effort in the Public Senior High Schools in Ashanti Mampong Municipality of Ghana

The goal of this study was to see how several critical variables in Ghana's Ashanti Mampong Municipality influence and mediate the academic performance of SHS students. Questionnaires were used to collect data, and descriptive and correlational research methodologies were used.

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Strategies for Improving Computer Science Students’ Academic Performance in Programming Skill

For computer science students, programming agility is a must-have talent. On the other hand, both teachers and students have identified teaching and learning programming concepts and abilities as a significant obstacle. As a result, creating effective programming learning approaches and

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