Scientific Investigation of Dyschoriste littoralis nees – A Tamil Traditional Medicinal Plant against Liver Disease

The goal of this study was to see if Dyschoriste littoralis Nees (family Acanthaceae) might protect rats' livers against paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity. The aerial portions of Dyschoriste littoralis Nees. powder were extracted using a Soxhlet extractor with various solvents (PE, EA,

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Experiment for the Determination of Acute Toxicity of Ammoniain Juvenile Patagonian Blenny (Eleginops maclovinus)

Deionized ammonium (NH3) acute toxicity (LC50-96h) in Patagonian blenny juveniles (Eleginops maclovinus) was assessed. Concentrations of deionized ammonium in salt water were prepared by using 24.09 ± 2.1 g ammonium chloride (NH4Cl). Fish were exposed in triplicates to different ammonium concentrations:

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