Influence of Additive L-phenylalanine on Stabilization of Metastable α-Form of L-glutamic Acid in Cooling Crystallization: A Scientific Explanation

In cooling crystallisation, the effect of the additive amino acid L-phenylalanine on the stabilisation of the metastable -form of L-glutamic acid was examined. The qualities of a solid product are directly determined through crystallisation, which is an effective process for

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Investigating the Effect of Laser Additive Manufacturing on Microstructure Evolution of Inoculated Zr47.5Cu45.5Al5Co2 Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites

Due to their superior strength, hardness and elastic strain limit, bulk metallic glass matrix composites are advocated as a material of the future. Nevertheless, they have low strength that renders them unusable in every application of structural engineering. Inoculation has

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