Studies on the Patterns of Interferon-Gamma and Interleukin-10 Production as a Potential Immuno-biomarker for the Outcome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection

Cellular immunity mediates the host immune response against Mycobacterium TB (MTb), with cytokines and MTb-specific T cells playing a key role. Immunodiagnostic testing allows for the identification of MTb and the differentiation of different stages of MTb infection. However, the

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Review of Screening and Monitoring Treatment of ADHD in Adults with Processing-Speed

The goal of the study was to look at the characteristics and clinical applications of processing-speed tests in the treatment of people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. No gender bias, excellent test-retest reliability, and appropriate levels of concurrent validity are

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Correlation between Lycopene Intake and Blood Pressure in Healthy Adults from Celaya, Mexico: Advanced Study

Aims: To identify if there is a correlation between lycopene intake and blood pressure levels in healthy adults of Celaya. Study Design: Cross-sectional, observational, analytical study. Place: All students registered at a public university in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. Methodology: To

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