Determination of Heavy Metal, Aflatoxin, Pesticide Residue and Microbial content of Siddha Polyherbal Formulation Veppampoo mathirai

Aim: Although the polyherbal siddha formulation veppampoo Mathirai is helpful at lowering blood pressure, it is unknown if it is safe. The presence of heavy metals, aflatoxins, pesticide residue, and microbiological count has yet to be determined. In the current

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Determination of Antifungal and Anti-Aflatoxigenic Activity of the Essential Oil of Lippia lasiocalycina Cham (Verbenacea)

Food contamination by aflatoxin-producing fungus species results in significant financial losses and has a direct impact on consumer health. The hunt for more natural preservation methods has piqued interest in the antifungal properties of essential oils. The goal of this

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Investigating Aflatoxins in Body Fluids and Food of Nigerian Children with Protein- Energy Malnutrition

Aflatoxins are natural food crop pollutants that are involved in the pathogenesis of different human diseases. Aflatoxins are natural pollutants in food crops, including milk, meat, and dried fruit, such as cereals, oilseeds, spices, and tree nuts. Various deleterious health

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