Effect of Rhizobium Inoculation and Rock Phosphate Fertilizer on Soil Chemical Properties under Selected Green Grams Varieties

This study set out to ascertain the impact of Rhizobium and rock phosphate fertiliser application on the chemical characteristics of soil in green gramme types. The investigation was conducted over two seasons at the horticulture research farm of Chuka University

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The Effects of Illegal Small-scale Gold Mining in Ghana: A Threat to Food Security

Ghana has an abundance of mineral and agricultural resources. Gold, bauxite, diamonds, and manganese are among the commercially mined minerals. Others, such as kaolin, salt, limestone, mica, and feldspar, to name a few, are either underutilised or completely unutilized. The

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A Case Study of Cowpea IPM in Northern Ghana: Development and Transfer of Innovation by Agricultural Development Agencies

This report is based on data collected over the course of a year in Northern Ghana. The research focused on two communities in two Northern Ghana districts, as well as three Agricultural Development Agencies (ADAs): the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute

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