Effect of Chemical Pesticides on Soil Health and Its Physio-Chemical Properties

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), evolving nations have stated three million incidences of agrochemical contaminate. The protracted and thorough deployment of agrochemicals has developed in detrimental impacts on soil biodiversity, land sustainability, and food safety, through entailing widespread

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Features of Potato Tuber Formation Depending on the Feeding Area and the Application of Fungicides in the Conditions of the Middle Urals: A Recent Study

The purpose of the research search out study the qualitative signs of potato tubers of the Gala sort at different plant densities and the use of fungicides not sure Urals. Potato is an important land crop in the planet, Russia

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Contributions of Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority in Transfer of Agrochemical Technologies to Rice Farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria

The study looked into the Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority's role in transferring agrochemical technologies to rice farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria. This study determined the types of recommended agro-chemicals used in the study area, as well as the

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