Determining the Major Policy Issues Regarding the Smart Schooling System Using the Analytical Hierarchy Process Method

Korea is one of the world's top countries in promoting education using ICT and smart school practises. This paper aims to identify the determinants affecting the success of the smart schooling system in Korea, prioritise the indicators necessary for the

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Exploration on Coral Reef Resources, Using Glint Removal and Depth Attenuation Index on Alos Imagery at Biak Island, Papua, Indonesia

The coral reef resources at Biak Island were identified and examined using ground truth data collected in July 2007 and Alos imaging analysis with a 10 m resolution recorded on May 25, 2010, with the assumption that nothing has changed

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Studies on Integrated GIS and AHP for Marine Aquaculture Site Selection in Penghu Cove in Taiwan

In Taiwan, government policy has accelerated the transition from land-based to marine cage culture in recent years. As a result, choosing the right location is a crucial principle and determinant for future success in marine cage culture and sustainable development.

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