Seasonal Variations of Heavy Metals Concentrations in Different Organs of Carassius auratus (Gibelio, Bloch, 1782) Fish, Caught at Al-Hammar Marsh, Southern Iraq

The bioaccumulation of certain heavy metals: Co, Cu, Fe, Ni, and Pb in different organs: muscles, gills, ovary, and kidney of carassius auratus gibelio (Bloch,1982) caught from waters of Al-Hammar marsh, Southern part of Iraq, was studied using Atomic Absorption

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Calcination and Wet Digestion as Sample Preparation Methods for Nickel Determination in Agronomic Stuffs: Technical Note

Nickel, although essential to plants, may be toxic to plants and animals. It is mainly assimilated by food ingestion. However, information about the average levels of elements (including Ni) in edible vegetables from different regions is still scarce in Brazil.

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